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Order Value      $150 - $249       10% off listed price
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Order Value      $350 - $500       20% off listed price

Order Value       Over $500        25% off listed price

(Based on total single order value delivered to one address and ordered online to qualify.)

EASY QUOTES: To obtain a quote for any product, log in first, then make an order, but at the end, instead of clicking the Credit Card button, click "Quote this Order" button.

All Clubs with online account receive special permanent discount.
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Freight  $8 per order regardless of order size and destination!
Orders packed Sunday, Despatched Monday unless advised otherwise.
Website orders are greatly preferred. More efficient, accurate and all paperwork is completed automatically. Our telephone is not always attended.
(For mats and odd shaped packages that couriers identify as not meeting their standard size and delivery criteria a surcharge may apply. Exchanges will be replaced at actual freight cost.)
No orders outside New Zealand - Sorry, but courier cost will more than double the order value. Overseas orders will be cancelled.

When paying direct to acct:
BNZ, Rotorua, Direct Deposit Internet Banking Details:02-0412-0142718-000 

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